Are Your Corporate Signs a Liability?


Corporate signs are everywhere and many of them are extremely huge. This creates a need for professional installation and maintenance. If not, very large signs could be a source of personal injury claims and this is the last thing you want for your business reputation. Do you think it can't happen to you? Here are just a few examples to check out.


Not long ago, a woman was nearly killed by a falling business sign. She was walking by a charity shop when a huge sign suddenly fell straight down. The sign fell a distance of about twenty feet, seriously injuring her and fortunately it did not hit her head. Also, this was not an old sign but one which had recently been installed on the property.


In January 2015 a woman in Surrey, England was struck by a falling sign. It had become loose from high winds during a storm. The fire department was called out to free the sign from atop the woman, and she was taken to the hospital with possible spinal injuries.

Los Angeles

There are many large signs in the LA area and it's possible they could be a liability issue if not properly maintained. This is especially important because the region is prone to earthquakes. A few minor earthquakes may weaken business sign mounts making them more likely to fall and cause injury.

More Than Personal Injury Claims

Falling signs are not very common these days, but there are many signs in Southern California in need of repairs or maintenance. Have you ever passed a local business and noticed a letter missing from a sign? Perhaps it is no longer mounted straight? This sends several messages to the public and none of them are good, for example:

  • Unkempt signs clearly show the world you are not interested in maintaining a good public image.
  • Poor signage can seriously damage your business reputation.
  • Improperly installed signs are excellent advertising for negative things like shoddy workmanship or inferior products.
  • It only takes one sign from one business - suppose your corporation has hundreds of franchises or businesses in California. Just one bad sign reflects poorly on each and every location.

The Value of Sign Professionals

When you do business with Dave's Signs we are there for you during the entire process. We help from start to finish and when you need maintenance or a problem arises, you can depend on us for prompt and reliable service. We know how important your signs are, and are here to help.

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