New Trends For Business Signs In Ventura


New businesses as well as established businesses in Ventura that are in the market for a more upbeat and current look, need to consider some of the new trends in signs. The new trends are very creative and offer a lot of options to develop a unique look while still including corporate branding and company colors.

At Dave's Signs, our staff is always up on the latest in trends. However, we also recognize that trendy isn't always good, and following the latest and hottest ideas in signage for a small business can quickly leave your storefront, restaurant or business looking dated and out of style.

The most important element in any design for signage is to incorporate a look that is unique in a way that is going to be something the business wants for years to come. Adding some of the new ideas and trends may be the right option, but it also has to be done in balance with the image the business wants to put forth.

Simple and Stylistic

Simple, elegant and with stylistic lines and minimal additional graphics is a great look for a retail business, an upscale restaurant, a boutique or a professional service.

Anytime Fitness Illuminated Sign Ventura

Minimal doesn't mean boring, but it does mean more of a conceptual approach to the sign. Typically fonts tend to be simple without a lot of flourishes or themed types of fonts. The use of company logos, icons instead of detailed images as well as bold, vibrant or black and white colors on both graphics and background is striking.

Creative and Innovative

Any signs that are able to tell a story about the business are also in demand. Incorporating shape, theme fonts, or combinations of media on the sign gives people more of an impression of what to expect.

For example, a plumbing company could incorporate a frame for the sign made of pipe, or an arts and crafts retail outlet could develop an art theme on the sign that looks like an arts and crafts project.

The elements from these storefront types of signs could also be integrated throughout in-store signs. This is particularly important in retail stores, restaurants or any company where customers are coming into the building. This continuity in signage throughout the building adds to branding and also creates a very put together look that is sure to stand out and set your Ventura business apart.

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