Some of Our Custom Business Signs in Oxnard, California

There's nothing that describes a sign shop better than the signs they have made that you know and love.

This is the third in our series of posts that show you some of our favorite signs we've designed and mounted in specific cities around Ventura County, and tell you a bit about the companies they represent.

If you see other signs around town that remind you of these, chances are we made them, too. If you're curious, contact us and tell us which sign you think we made. We'll let you know if you guessed correctly.

Stateside Services interior office sign Stateside Engineering dimensional lettering sign located in Oxnard, CA

Stateside Engineering Dimensional Lettering Exterior & Interior Signs

Stateside Engineering in Oxnard features both exterior dimensional lettering signs and those for the interior office. As you can see, interior office signs are particularly powerful because they create cohesion in the space, and connect the interior with the exterior. No matter where a client finds themselves in the building, they see that the space has been carefully thought out and designed to cater to them

Stateside Engineering dimensional lettering outdoor sign

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Gandolfos halo lit channel letter sign

Gandalfo's Blade & Halo Lit Channel Letter Signs

Gandalfo's signage capture's the New York deli vibe and offers it to customers clear on the other side of the country, in Oxnard. Although the deli is in a shopping center, the vertical blade sign gives the feeling of a deli on a busy Manhattan city block, where it would capture the attention of everyone walking by. The channel letters all halo lit, meaning they light up from behind at night and give the letters a glow.

Gandolfo's blade sign and channel letter halo lit sign

El Dorado's Mexican Restaurant Front-lit Channel Letter Sign

El Dorado''s sign is a mix of reverse and front-lit channel letters, with the "El Dorado" outlined by the orange back glow. It's full of character and particularly stands out because of the choices made with font and color pairing. The yellow letters and red sun capture attention, but the bright white descriptive text re-captures it, so that the eye takes in the entire sign in two turns.

El Dorado reverse front lit channel letter sign

Sea Fresh Exposed Neon Sign

The Sea Fresh sign in Channel Islands Harbor is fun and alluring, which is great for a fish restaurant and market on the harbor. It does exactly what it sets out to, the exposed neon catches attention and tells everyone on the harbor at dinner time that this is the place to go for a great fish entree.

Sea Fresh neon sign Oxnard

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Topper's Pizza Exposed Neon Sign

A bright exposed neon sign reading "Eat More Pizza" stands out against the harbor in Channel Islands, and you've probably noticed the giant tomato on top. The signs are huge, colorful, and feature the option of either staying static or flashing retro casino lighting in celebration of local parade days and holidays. Check out this blog post to read more about the Topper's in Oxnard Harbor sign.

Toppers Pizza exposed neon sign in Oxnard Harbor

Toppers Pizza exposed neon sign in Oxnard Harbor

Rebath Outdoor Illuminated Business Sign in Oxnard, CA

Re-Bath Custom Illuminated Sign

The Re-Bath sign captures fun luxury, with flashy sequence highlighted by illuminated lettering and a neon border. It gives a sense that remodeling your bathroom should be fun and accessible. It's also impossible to pass the sign at night without noticing it and, at the very least, thinking, "Re-bath, what is that?"

Rebath Outdoor Illuminated Business Sign in Oxnard, CA

Verizon Wireless National Account sign in Oxnard, CA

Verizon, One of Our National Sign Accounts

Verizon is one of our many National Sign Accounts, and we have mounted most of the channel letter Verizon signs you see around Ventura County.

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Next Generation Computer Services Exposed Neon Projecting Sign

This sign gets to the point, quickly, with an exposed-neon projecting sign. If you have any computer-related needs, enter here. The arrow seems to come out of the building and point back in, reinforcing the idea of the building pointing to itself. "I am the building to come to if you need computer help," it seems to say.

Next Generation Computer Services Exposed Neon Projecting Sign Oxnard, CA

Barkley Insurance Dimensional Letter Sign

A beautiful simplistic sign that integrates impressively well with the beautiful ornate classic building in Downtown Oxnard.

Barkley Insurance Dimensional Letter Sign in Oxnard

Boot Barn Channel Letter Sign

A big bold red Channel Letter Sign that attracts attention from afar.

Boot Barn Channel Letter Sign in Oxnard

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