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There's nothing that describes a sign shop better than the signs they have made that you know and love.

We thought we'd put together a few posts that show you some of our favorite signs we've designed and mounted in specific cities around Ventura County, and tell you a bit about the companies they represent.

If you see other signs around town that remind you of these, chances are we made them, too. If you're curious, contact us and tell us which sign you think we made. We'll let you know if you guessed correctly.

Ventura Neon Sign

The Historic Ventura Pole Sign

The iconic Ventura pole sign was designed to highlight the city for everyone who passes by on the freeway, inviting them to stay, surf, shop, and eat. The exposed neon ensures that the sign is even more eye-catching at night. Click here to read more about it.

Ventura Illuminated Pole Sign

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Spencer Makenzie's Neon Restaurant Sign

Spencer Makenzie's Neon Sign

This World Famous Fish Taco restaurant won the vote for best fish tacos in Ventura county by the VC Reporter. Building a sign for a famous fish taco restaurant is easy with brightly-colored exposed neon, with a slogan that communicates just that. Click here to read more about the process of building this sign.

Red Brick Pizza Illuminated Sign

The sign for Red Brick Pizza is made of reverse-lit channel letters, which gives the sign a luminescent glow at night. The best part is the red of the pizza that sits above the white lettering.

Red Brick Pizza Illuminated Restaurant Sign

Red Brick Pizza Illuminated Restaurant Sign

Red Brick Pizza Back Lit Channel Letter Sign

Busy Bee Cafe Neon Sign

The Busy Bee Cafe was a premier meeting place for Ventura's earliest merchants since 1963, and has had the same owners since its start. This exposed neon sign maintains the old-fashioned feeling of the diner for years to come.

Busy Bee Cafe Neon Illuminated Restaurant Sign

Superbuzzy Hand Painted Sign Installation

Superbuzzy Painted Sign

Superbuzzy Hand Painted & Dimensional Letter Signs

Speaking of bees, the giant bee on the corner of Main & Pacific, Superbuzzy is the home of Japenese fabrics, craft supplies, and unique gifts imported directly from Japan. A painted bee flying away from the channel lettering on the front is complimented by a giant bee painted on the side of the shop, capturing attention from all directions for the boutique shop.

Superbuzzy dimensional letter sign

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Discovery Ventura Channel Letter Signs

Once a World War II warehouse building, Discovery Ventura transformed the building into a high-end bar, restaurant, and bowling alley, with a concert stage in the back. The exposed neon channel letters sit above the outside patio, and the simple sans-serif lettering makes space for the excitement of the name to capture people's attention.

Discovery Ventura channel letter sign

Discovery Ventura dimensional sign

Saloon BBQ Co. Custom Illuminated Sign by Dave's Signs

Saloon BBQ Co. Custom Illuminated Signs

BBQ pulled chicken, brisket sandwiches, and some of the best drinks in town make up the menu of Saloon BBQ Company's western-themed restaurant highlighting California's West Coast. This saloon sits on Main Street, West of California.

Saloon BBQ Co. Custom Sign by Dave's Signs

Freddie B Salon & Spa Back Lit Custom Sign by Dave's Signs

Freddie B Salon & Spa Back Lit Sign

More than just a haircut, Freddie B offers a full spa experience, complete with cucumber water, an indoor fireplace, and wifi while you wait for your color to set. The reverse-lit serif channel lettering is light-blue, and communicates the calm atmosphere of the space.

White Sand Thai Barbecue & Bar Neon Sign

White Sand boasts Modern Thai Cuisine, with an interior decoration that offers a glimpse into Thailand on Main Street Ventura. Simple, elegant, with a turquoise line that highlights the length of the restaurant, this sign is made entirely of exposed neon.

White Sand Thai Barbecue & Bar Custom Neon Sign

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Buffalo Exchange Channel Letter Sign

Buffalo Exchange Channel Letter Sign

Buffalo Exchange is a chain of vintage and used clothing stores that can be found in cities all along the West Coast. Each shop features the style of the city, and ours is on Main Street, just East of California St. The blade sign we mounted for them on Main Street is three-dimensional, with reverse-lit channel lettering, and highlighted by retro exposed neon lines on each side.

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