Thousand Oak Signs - Fitting in and Standing Out


If you've ever been to Thousand Oaks, you know that part of what makes it so charming is that everything has a similar look and feel. It's where Spanish architecture meets Western style, beautiful and beige. The city has regulations to make sure that this beautiful theme is preserved.

While part of what makes the city so beautiful is that everything has a similar look and feel, you'll still want your business sign to stand out. 

So, how do you go about standing out while fitting in? Here are 3 examples from Dave's Signs own galleries to demonstrate:

Use Dimension to Enhance Visibility

Check out this 3-Dimensional sign for American Eagle Outfitters. You can find it in the outdoor section of the Thousand Oaks Mall. 

Thousand Oaks Signs

When you compare this to other Thousand Oaks signs, particularly within the mall, you can see how it fits in perfectly. The black metal sign is almost an exact match with the black metal of the mall's beautiful railing above it. 

What makes this sign stand out is that it reaches out over the walkway, catching attention from below and above. At night the letters are outlined by beautiful yellow backlighting, grabbing even more attention.

Compliment the Building's Architecture

This channel letter sign created for Farmer's Insurance in Thousand Oaks compliments the building’s architecture. 

Thousand Oaks Signs

You've probably noticed how many commercial buildings are lacking proper signage; moments when you park your car and walk toward a building, you look around and hope to find your way. 

An appropriately sized sign ensures that your customers will never get lost. They'll feel confident they are in the right spot and taken care of from the moment they park. 

Illuminate Your Sign

One of the best ways to make sure that your sign stands out from other Thousand Oaks signs is to light it up. Check out this illuminated channel letter sign for Regency Theaters: 

Thousand Oaks Signs

Day or night, if you're interested in seeing a movie you'll know where to go. This sign is so bright and large that it can be seen from incredible distances. If you weren't thinking of seeing a movie, you will be once you get anywhere near this theater. 

Are you in need of signs in Thousand Oaks? Dave's Signs can design, manufacture, install just about any kind of signage you need. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 for more information.

Benefits of Improving Your Camarillo Business Signs


Has business been slower than usual lately? Maybe it seems like you're in a temporary slump? There are many reasons for business slowdowns. It could be between holidays, or people are currently spending their money on other things. The economy may be in a downturn. When things get slow, it's time to think about attracting more attention with a new sign for your Camarillo business. Like the halo-lit channel letter sign we did for Brendan's. 

Camarillo Signs

Here are some important benefits of making some changes to your signage.

A Fresh New Look

You could spend an enormous amount of money and renovate your business or businesses. However, it could take a long time to recoup such a major investment. It may be much easier to put up some new Camarillosigns. This can give your buildings a completely different look, without changing anything else.

Illuminated Signs

Maybe it's time for an attention grabbing illuminated sign like the one we gave the El Tecolote Cafe? 

Camarillo Signs

If you get a lot of local foot traffic, neon signs can give you a distinctive look. They are an open invitation to come inside and check things out.

Camarillo Signs

What kind of signage will change your message or attract more attention? It depends on your business, products, services, location, and the kind of potential customer you're interested in. This can make the process of choosing signage difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

Camarillo Signs

At Dave's Signs, we know the ins and outs of the sign business because that's all we do. As sign specialists, we take care of the entire process from the design stage to installation. We work with you to make sure your signs are customized to your needs and specs. To see how new signs can turn things around, call (805) 641-1387 today.

4 Tips for More Effective Goleta Shopping Mall Signs


If you have businesses located in shopping malls, you have unique signage needs. For example, an indoor shop is limited on wall space so you can't have shopping mall signs that are huge or expansive. You need to attract attention, but at the same time, keep the message simple and effective. Take Trimnasium DogGrooming, for example, located in a shopping mall in Goleta, CA.

Goleta Shopping Mall Signs

Here are some tips for getting the most from your signage.

Traffic Angle Matters

What direction are your potential customers coming from? Your letters and images need to be at a forty-five or ninety-degree angle to their field of view, for best results. If not, people may walk by the shop and not notice your signs.

Goleta Shopping Mall Signs

Think Custom Graphics

There are many other shops in the mall, and you want yours to stand out from the rest. Shopping mall signs with custom graphics make your business presentation unique. This is a great way to attract attention and make people want to know more about your products or services. Dave's Signs can design custom graphics with eye-appeal, and since we manufacture our own signage, we can create any shape, size, and type.

Choose High-Quality Signage

People judge the quality of your business by the quality of your signage. That's why it's so important to have professionally designed and manufactured signs, like the one at South Coast Realty. Another sign we did for the same shopping mall in Goleta.

Goleta Shopping Mall Signs

When you come to Dave's Signs, it starts with ideas and the design stage. Next, we make sure the design is exactly what you are looking for, and with custom fabrication, your Goleta shopping mall signs are not only unique, they are professional in appearance.

Take Both Day and Night into Consideration

Illumination is not just a daytime need for malls. It's important to design indoor signs with illumination that can easily be seen any time of the day.

When you need shopping mall signs for your business, contact Dave's Signs. We'll design, manufacture, install, and maintain your signs. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 for more details.

Modern & Classic Santa Barbara Signs


If you live in or travel to Santa Barbara, take some time to check out some modern & classic Santa Barbara signs. Some are on buildings high in the air, while others are down to earth and right in front of you. Let's check out some of the great signage we did for some local businesses there, to give you an idea of what Dave's Signs can do.

Santa Barbara Signs

Edward Jones

The sign we made for Edward Jones financial planning services is a perfect example of backlit illuminated channel letters. Notice how each letter has a "halo" effect. We use standard channel letters to give your signs a three-dimensional look. However, with backlit letters for your Santa Barbara signs, you can get an"eye-popping" 3D effect that is sure to attract attention.

Santa Barbara Signs

Morgan Stanley

The sign we did for Morgan Stanley global financial services, shows you how to use limited available space for maximum effect. The building is not large, and it's located in a strip mall. The letters are clearly visible from Coast Village Road, and when you pull into the strip mall, you know exactly where to park. This effect is not easy to achieve, but our sign professionals managed to pull it off and add an air of sophistication too.

Santa Barbara Signs

Informative Signage

If your Santa Barbara signs must provide a great deal of information, it's not easy to say a lot without confusing the reader or making the sign look crowded. So, what can you do? Take a good look at the Montecito Pet Hospital's classic Santa Barbara style custom graphic sign. This sign performs three important functions:

  • Advertise
  • Inform
  • Impress

When you need signs for your business, let Dave's Signs take care of the entire process for you. We'll design, manufacture, install, and maintain your signs. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 for more details.

The Road to Successful Monument Signs


Monument signs are different than most business signage. For example, a standard business sign identifies a business and draws visitors inside. On the other hand, monument signage is usually some distance from the establishments and may list a number of businesses. Since they are so different, they need a different kind of design and advertising strategy. What makes good monument signage? Let's look and see.


When you come to sign professionals at Dave's Signs, we want to know what kind of environment your sign will live in. For example, is it on the edge of a busy shopping center or by itself alongside the road? In other words, if there are things on the landscape competing for the sign's attention, your sign needs to grab that attention and stand out.

Valencia Marketplace Monument Sign, Monument Signs

Distance Matters

No matter what kind of message you want to convey, it should be kept simple to be effective. However, you can have more on your monument signs if the reader is on foot because he or she has more time for reading. If someone in a car needs to see the sign from a way off, you should be direct and to the point because they only have a few seconds to make up their minds.

LinkedIn Monument Sign, Monument Signs


By creating the right shades and colors, you can make the eyes follow to the most important part of your monument signs. 

Welcome to Ojai Stone Monument Sign, Monument Signs

However, your contrast color doesn't have to be as dramatic as black and white or red and blue. The sign we did for the city of Ojai is a perfect example of contrasting colors. Everything is made from different size stones except the part with "Welcome to Ojai." The color contrast is subtle yet very effective. The sign blends in with the environment and resembles the signage of a small housing community, and this provides a personal touch.

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